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    We guide teams toward more "Eureka!" moments

    using creative strategies and real-world experience.

  • What, Why, and How

    We offer tactical consulting and coaching services to bring

    value to products and processes. Here are some of our specialities.

    Project Incubation

    Design Sprints and Project Kickoffs​

    What Do Our Users Want?

    Define viable features for your target audience while exploring ideas, risks, constraints, questions, and assumptions.

    Product Ownership

    Pragmatic Roadmaps and Requirements

    What Should We Do.... First?

    Build user-centric, outcome-focused, test-driven features using clear priorities, problem-solving sessions, and feedback cycles.

    Agile Coaching

    We Deal in Honesty, Reality, and Continuous Improvement

    Is This the Best We Can Do?

    We employ honesty, creativity, and disruptive thinking to help people and teams identify and reach their ideal goals.

  • Who

    Meet your team.

    Laura Peterson


    Agile Coach & Product Manager


    Dynamic agile leader with 16 years' experience launching award-winning products for global brands.

    Ian Weddell


    Solutions Architect & Analyst


    Versatile and experienced business analyst and software entrepreneur who helps teams and companies grow.

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